An Interconnected System of Caring Things

ZOE is a wearable device, which enables the Internet of Caring Things by notifying the user about his or her health status, warning the hospital and the community in case of an emergency and informing the people about community’s health, in public places. The project was developed in the L*unchBox Workshop, a brand of École des Mines de Saint-Etienne and Brunel University London.

The Internet of Caring Things is a network of connected objects brought to life by a clear mission; to actively care for people - their physical and mental wellbeing, homes and loved ones.

In 2005, there were 2.5 billion connected devices, most PCs, smartphones, tablets. By 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices, most not PCs, smartphones, tablets (Gartner, 2013). Moreover, 100 'things' are coming online every second (CISCO, 2013); the relationship between design and data science is growing tighter. Furthermore, the object is becoming less important than ever and there is a need for greater empathy in design, where universal design meets liveable design.


This system is mainly focused on the idea that a city is a living organism and each member of the community plays its own part in the city's health. The expected outcome is an answer to the demand for a network of caring objects, designed to protect and assist people in their daily lives.