The Solution Box

The Solution Box

Food Waste Management Brand

By 2050 the global population will rise to a level that is going to create a food shortage and lead humans to alternative food resources. To address this issue, technology and innovation will allow us to reexamine the food we throw away and will create new ways of reusing it.

The Solution Box is a future service brand that focuses on managing food waste after a dining activity.

Restaurants, hotels and other dining places are among the major contributors of food waste. In the future we believe there will be attempts to minimise that, however there will be a considerable amount of food being wasted.

Our solution offers the ability to repurpose this excess amount of food waste. It is a holistic approach in food waste management from training and consulting to hosting charity events. Moreover, the brand uses an advanced fully automated system that utilises “smart bins”, which monitor and identify all the food thrown in. Once filled, a drive-less vehicle picks them up and delivers them to repurposing venues, such as Food Banks, Composting Facilities and Food Labs.

Finally, the brand offers a ranking and awarding system based on food waste reduction which can be easily accessed from any smart device.