Fabia Goff

Fabia Goff

Industrial Design & Technology BA

Graphics, Printing, Visual communication


FabiaPrints is a handmade solo-run business which produces unique artistic designs in the form of hand cut lino printed cards. The project focused on packaging for a range of card packs and a brand portfolio to enhance the gift giving experience and sale of the product.

Where today, cards generally available on the highstreet or online can be said to be glaring, tacky or purchased as afterthoughts, FabiaPrints cards provides a personalised, hand crafted gift accompanying experience with unique and quirky designs.

The small margin for error in artisan techniques such as hand printing, creates charming variations not found in mass-produced parallel products. The possible business growth and brand expansion shows promise for future development from small scale to batch manufacture: in the next five years a community of printers hopes to be built to introduce lino, screen and wood block printing to communities nationwide. In this way the cards and artwork will be personalised to the location and culture making an even more unique experience.