Future Concepts for Vice

Vice Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Vice

The Vice Travel product range was created to reposition the brand into other, previously unexplored markets. Bringing together various different concepts into a concise family, the products are designed to complement each other during the users’ travels. Vice Travel aims to allow the user to immerse themselves into various cultures around the world, holding the belief that in order to do so the devices must be inconspicuous and “stealthy”, emulating Vice's journalistic techniques.

Travelling truly allows any individual that sense of freedom they will rarely get to experience; it shouldn’t just be the freedom of where you go but also what you take with you. Be it data capture and storage, exploration or health that is highest on your agenda for your trip, Vice Travel has the range of products to suit your needs. Vice Travel allows users to purchase the full package or simply those they need the most for the journey without any loss of function.


Cosmo Coughlin
Matthew Geldard
Christopher Larsen
Oliver Lee
George Manock
Daniel Hopwood