Future Concepts for Tinder

Tinder Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Tinder

Tinder has recently shown the ability of reducing the stigma and awkwardness of creating new relationships by meeting and socialising with people online. The recent shift towards the digital platform being used as a communication tool can be seen as an opportunity for new communication services that could be provided by the social health sector, which may be a solution for the current decline in help provided by the NHS.

As healthcare becomes increasingly privatised, the NHS may lose vital social services such as sex education, drop-in clinics, couples counselling and family planning. Tinder's online social platform can provide communication opportunities that can help nurture users' social relationships, whether it be by educating younger users with health-related issues concerning physical relationships, or by aiding and encouraging communication in troubled, stagnant or adjusting relationships.


Andrew Carson
Henry Davies
Jonathan Line
Louis Trew