Future Concepts for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is an online discovery engine which allows individuals to connect with websites in line with their interests. Acting as a filter for the modern age of ‘information overload’, StumbleUpon enhances the exploration of the online world. A not-too-distant future will see more integrated electronics than ever, working to enhance our everyday lives as well as an ever-increasing blend of the online and offline worlds. In this future, StumbleUpon was repositioned to bring its experience of exploration and discovery to real world places, people and events.

Working in conjunction with a mobile device, each product aims to enable realtime Stumbling, personalised to each user. With varying products designed for multiple contexts, small hints of StumbleUpon’s online aesthetic bring them together as a family while being an unobtrusive addition to their environment.


Robert Adam
Adam Climie
Fabia Goff
Diana Meraz
Shaun Pirie
Huw Williams