Future Concepts for Soylent

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Future Concepts for Soylent

In order to survive, humans must satisfy certain fundamental needs. Technology helps us meet these needs more proficiently, allowing us to reach what Maslow termed ‘self-actualisation’. The latest development in this trend is Soylent, a powdered meal replacement. Launched in 2014 after receiving FDA approval, it is mixed with water and consumed as a drink. Soylent is nutrient complete, long lasting and cheap. Creator Robert Rhineheart envisions it as a staple, plumbed into taps.

Soylent’s radical approach to nutrition embodies its core values: improve efficiency without compromising quality. These priorities have defined the development of Soylent+, a range of lifestyle products, stretching the brand, bringing this uncompromising efficiency to the rest of life’s fundamental needs. Controlled by a smart device application, Soylent+ products can be used individually or together as an ecosystem, freeing time and energy which can be invested elsewhere.


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