Future Concepts for Shazam

Shazam Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Shazam

Shazam, as we know it today, is a music identification and detection service that allows people to identify a song that is playing on the radio. We took this primary ‘detecting’ function and applied it to other aspects of daily life. Initially looking at the medical applications of detection, it was decided that this was too far removed from Shazam’s original brand direction. By targeting common aspects of lifestyle such as the buying of products, personal safety and habitual routine, we created a family of products that reflects Shazam’s ethos as well as representing their potential design language in the year 2030.

One of the biggest challenges of creating a new brand direction for Shazam was establishing design cues for a company that currently has no physical products on the market; Shazam exists solely as a smartphone app. We managed to lift their current 2D design language and apply it to a line of 3D products.


Ainsley Cox
Callum Scott-Collins
Joseph Smith
Jordan Taylor
Adam Stephenson