Future Concepts for Rowse

Rowse Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Rowse

Established in 1938, Tony Rowse had a vision to create products as nature intended them to be: deliciously pure and 100% natural. With a threat from a declining bee population, we looked to take Rowse in a new direction whilst maintaining their pure and natural ethos for a market in 2025. In the next 10 years, as technology becomes more advanced, the act of physical communication may be obsolete.

We are more connected than ever, yet you could go days without actually talking to someone face to face. Families in particular are suffering and in today’s modern fast pace living, families are left disconnected and distant.

Therefore, the Rowse ‘Together’ range focuses on creating sweet connections and encouraging people to break away from phones, tablets and laptops and instead work and communicate together, bringing unity back into modern day living.


Melissa Cameron
Thomas Campion
Adam Coleberd
Alex Millington
Ella Meyer