Future Concepts for Montblanc

Montblanc Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Montblanc

In 2030, the world will be digitally connected at every level. Today, Montblanc creates analogue objects with meticulous skill, quality and craftsmanship that are handed down throughout generations as gifts and heirlooms. In a world where digital content is taking over, we no longer spend the time cherishing the important moments and memories we capture.

At the core of the collection are Montblanc’s ‘Digital Hearts’: a memory’s raw data, in whatever form this may take, is encapsulated within each product. Embedding digital memories in a physical object brings further emotional significance to an already precious memory. The collection has products designed to capture, curate and relive every stage of your life story.


Oscar Daws
Matt Durbin
Benjamin Keep
Dominic Smith
Emily Tulloh