Future Concepts for Metrobank

Metrobank Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Metrobank

The local park has something for everyone; it is non-exclusive and is free to use. It is a place where children can enjoy the playground, the elderly can go for a stroll and feed the ducks, sports clubs can meet, joggers can practice, teenagers can hang out with friends and people can take their dog for a walk. Recently, however, parks have been misused and as a result are used less by all individuals in the community.

Metro Bank aims to work together with the community, in partnership with their stores, to create a park space that is integral to the community, giving a place for individuals to share experiences, socialise and take advantage of the outdoor spaces that are around them. The local park is the one place in communities that has complete flexibility in use and is accessible to everyone. By encouraging participation or just engaging the locals, a community space can exist and a sense of community can be shared.


Thomas Durkan
Jo Gregory Brough
Delyth Posner
Cara O'Sullivan
Robert Cave
Tom Howlett