Future Concepts for LYNX

LYNX Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for LYNX

The Lynx Endurance range features concepts based on the idea of repositioning the Lynx brand into the fitness market. Using playfulness, Lynx enhances the self-esteem of men aged 15 to 30.

By 2030, half of the UK will be obese. This is in line with the growing trends of obesity, depression and decreasing health in the UK. Getting started working out is hard enough, let alone staying engaged with the process. Lynx can provide the encouragement and enjoyment to break down and prevent those personal exercise barriers. No more lack of motivation, lack of time, and certainly no more boredom.

Opportunities for Lynx lie in exploring this market and bringing their core values to the table. The areas of exploration included: wearable technology, online fitness and extreme sports. In essence, the repositioning focuses on the core brand values of playfulness and self-esteem.


Ronja Gaedicke
Stephanie Hills
Joanne Hinsley
Hebe Knowles
Carlo Monticolombi