Future Concepts for Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Contextual Project Family Shot

Future Concepts for Lonely Planet

The repositioning of the Lonely Planet brand aims to rekindle the spirit that they once inspired by supporting explorers in extreme environments. Lonely Planet aims to allow anyone who has a passion for exploration to go to these environments by making it safer and minimising risk. Similarly to their guidebooks, expert knowledge will be materialised into 3D products that support people wherever they venture. Lonely Planet has inspired pioneers to explore the world and push their personal boundaries since 1975. They made travel more accessible by connecting expert local information and knowledge with the traveller, allowing people to confidently explore unfamiliar parts of the world.

Even though Lonely Planet are industry leaders, the market for printed travel guides is shrinking due to online information being more up to date, free and readily available. Convenience and comfort have become the norm and culture has been replaced with businesses that cater for tourists’ needs.


Henry Collins
Damienmarc Ford
Jacob Lovell
Richard Oetiker