Arina Fjodorova

Arina Fjodorova

Product Design BSc

My Cycle

Menstrual Health Education and Management

The menstrual cycle is visualised in a multitude of representations but one key issue stands out – how do those depictions shape society’s perception of menstruation, PMS, ovulation or any other phase and what useful information do they provide? At the moment, biological cycles are represented in a much objectified manner that denies any environmental or social contributions to these processes and are not shown in regards to the overall women’s mental or physical health.

My Cycle application was created to facilitate the transition from the menstrual health related concerns with an informative, positive and self-managing approach. It educates the user about the general processes of the menstrual cycle and tailors the information to users’ experiences. It allows the user to track various activities during the menstrual cycle, review results in accurate diagrams and explore the online community for useful suggestions from professionals and health enthusiasts.