Adam Coleberd

Adam Coleberd

Product Design Engineering BSc

WCCAC reduced cost joining feature

Joining feature for a manifold integrated water cooled charge air cooler

A water cooled charge air cooler (WCCAC) is a product used in vehicles to cool the turbocharged air, by an exchange of heat between the air and coolant, before it enters the engine for combustion.

With the use of WCCACs ever increasing due to automotive companies needing to meet new environmental targets, development in engines and the pressures experienced is being pushed to the limit. In order for a WCCAC to withstand these higher pressures and stresses often large strong housings or bolts are required, which brings with it large expense.

By developing a design for the joint between the tanks and the core, which is closer to that of the current crimp style but stronger, huge savings can be achieved compared to bolted alternatives. This design saves over £1million a year compared to the bolted design for the project on which it was based.