Fan Can

Fan Can

Packaging for sports supporters

There is no doubt that a large majority of people the world over enjoy participating in and watching sports. Fans can experience the full range of emotions during sports games, yet, once the game is over, they are sometimes frustrated by a sense of detachment between them and the team they support. Indeed, communication is simply cut off after the game.

This project focused on how to bring these euphoric feelings into people’s everyday lives to be enjoyed anywhere at any time with just as much excitement and more. Fan Can is an interactive receptacle based on the concept, ‘double up your excitement, keep up your enjoyment’. The project defined the three main forms of enjoyment for sports fans; playing, supporting and sharing. With this at its foundation, the package uses printed electronic technologies to bring to life a sensory and an interactive experience with OLED lighting, sounds and NFC technology.

The combination of printed electronics and the Fan Can concept offers the sports fan a holistic experience. The sharing aspect of team sports is encouraged by use of the App and we are confident that the brand is capable of resounding strongly with the consumer.

To bring the idea to life, the team conducted mainly primary research such as a survey of the fundamental needs of the fans, a focus group of target fans to glean an insight into interactive communication from a sports fan’s point of view and interviews with fans and branding experts. After making a FANCAN prototype, we observed reactions to each of the product’s technical functions and conducted role-plays of hypothetical situations.