Electric Cart

Electric Cart

The AED Electric Cart demonstrates the use of DC Hub Motors as the sole supplier of power to the Electric Cart. The project consisted of the assembly, build and design modifications of the electric vehicle which is intended for use by Brunel students and staff. The AED electric cart is a continuous development platform to realise and implement the rapidly developing technology available in this field.

The electric cart has been designed and developed for short range, low speed drives with feasibility to be used in suburban and urbanised areas although for development purposes.

The concept of the electric vehicle is derived from the use of the electric hub motors as the electrical transmission.

The vehicle has been designed around a modular concept. Modular designs and products allow a high degree of variety and flexibility of component application. The principles and fundamental characteristics of modular designs are described by Marshall et al.

  • They are co-operative subsystems that form a product, manufacturing system, business etc.
  • Their main functional interactions are within, rather than between, modules.
  • They have one or more well defined functions that can be tested in isolation from the system and are a composite of the components of the module.