Brunel Racing TT Zero

Brunel Racing TT Zero

Design and build of a Zero Emissions Racing Electric Bike

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) race has been the world’s greatest stage of innovation. Soichiro Honda, founder and then President of Honda Motor Corporation, once stated that the innovation required to win the Isle of Man race would “rank among the world's highest levels of engineering.” In 2009, a zero-emission racing event was introduced at the TT with the aim of promoting and advancing low carbon vehicle technology. Following its great success and international media exposure, an electric racing class named TTZero was added to the official TT race programme in 2010.

The TT Race course is 37.73 miles long on closed public roads, which encompass the island . Electric drive train technology has been pushed beyond the limit during the past four editions, with electric motors and power electronics in particular being two of the key areas with strong accelerated development.

Brunel Racing has been competing at the electric Isle of Man TT events for the past four years with the first attempt by the Brunel X team in 2009 coming 1st among university entries and 6th overall. The TT entry by Brunel Racing consists of university students from Brunel's School of Engineering and Design who are investigating and developing the e-racing bike's components and systems as part of their dissertation work and advanced degree research projects.

The newly branded 2013 Brunel Racing TTZero team is led by Dr Koen Matthys, initiator of