Yonghun Lim

Yonghun Lim

Integrated Product Design MSc

I have various experience of manufacturing process by my background Craft design and working experience, it would be a strong foundation with my design process skill what I have learned in Brunel. Those factors would be my distinctive skill of mine.



The public bench for the better communication in airports

Lack of communication in public areas has become a serious social problem with the development of technology and urbanisation. There has been a particular increase in airport users in recent times: 69.4 million passengers arrived at Heathrow Airport in 2011. It is understandable that there are many problems relating to lack of communication, information and places to rest. The aim of this project is to make the airport experience more efficient and convenient through the use of public furniture and smart-device interfaces. The bench is designed based on the social distance and sitting-position simulation, providing the suitable environment for people to feel more comfortable with others. Smart-devices can share and get the information from the airport and other users.