Sophie Randles

Sophie Randles

Product Design BSc

I have a strong interest in technical product design, focusing on mechanisms and mechanical elements of product. Prototyping was a huge aspect of my final year project, building and testing rigs out of numerous modelling materials including card, foam and MDF. This is an element of design that I really enjoy,



Administering the antidote to an opiate overdose

Overdose is now the largest cause of death amongst injecting heroin users. The NHS is currently running drugs trials, allowing carers of heroin addicts to carry the antidote to a heroin overdose and training them to safely inject the drug using a needle and syringe for use in an emergency situation. This product has been designed and developed to inject the drug without the need for medical training. If the trials are successful, the NHS can prescribe a usable and intuitive device to carers that will save lives without having the need to individually train each carrier how to use the device.