Simon Ramm

Simon Ramm

Integrated Product Design MSc

At Brunel I’ve made full use of my design experience, business skills and 15 years’ project management experience as both employee and business owner. I want to work as a designer, design manager or strategist in the automotive or retail sectors, and am especially interested in user-centred customer experience design.



A supermarket 'house wine' bottle refill scheme

Most wine is now drunk at home, making the wine industry look distinctly anachronistic with its heavy disposable bottles, poor branding, fragmented marketplace, questionable transport methods and impenetrable mystique. A new architecture is called for. Grapevine solves these problems by pragmatically placing supermarkets at its core. A choice of six refillable wines from small suppliers changes regularly and is chosen by experts guaranteeing cost saving and great taste. The refill process is quickly embedded into people’s weekly routines. Supermarkets benefit from increased loyalty and enhanced brand but the key social benefit is the huge reduction in half- kilo glass bottles being shipped around the world and then needlessly crushed and remoulded.