Simon McNamee

Simon McNamee

Product Design Engineering BSc

Passionate product designer, specialising in concept development, technical design, prototyping and model making. I am obsessive with details, and love to make beautiful things that work.


Off The Hook

Quick release trapeze system for high performance sailing dinghies

Trapezing is an exhilarating technique for balancing high performance sailing dinghies against the force of the wind. Current harnesses use a crude hook and ring system, which can snare on ropes or boat fittings during a capsize. This causes 30% of capsize entrapments, and has tragically led to seven fatalities since 2002. Experienced sailors have been consulted during the development process to identify flaws in existing quick release systems and ensure the new device meets the needs of the most demanding users. Off the Hook is an innovative new approach to the problem. The patent pending mechanism and harness attachment make trapeze sailing faster, safer and more intuitive. Designed and engineered to be dependable in the most extreme marine conditions.