Roland Skinner

Roland Skinner

Industrial Design & Technology BA

I’m a designer that uses my background in automotive and aerospace engineering to my full advantage. My speciality is 3D development, I’m able to use CAD, physical modelling and prototyping to gain quality results at a high standard.


S.U.B. Anti-Dive Front Suspension

In collaboration with Ultimate Sports Engineering

The final product, S.U.B., stands for Stability Under Braking. With its innovative, unique, and patented anti-dive technology it aims to make the rider more confident and comfortable when riding off-road. Using the braking force itself, through levers and pivots, it is able to stop dive and improve the ride. The single-sided design makes it easier to change a tyre or inner tube whilst also being stiffer and lighter than conventional suspension units. The ball-bearing pivot joints and quick release mechanism ensure the anti-dive front suspension unit is on current cycling trends. Finite element analysis design tools and the use of composite materials ensure it has the highest strength to weight ratio.