Rachael Greene

Rachael Greene

Broadcast Media Design and Technology BSc

My name is Rachael Greene, I’m a motion graphics artist with a love of drawing and painting which I enjoy incorporating into my video work. I like working on projects from storyboarding through to final render, my main passion lying with post production, bringing various elements together in new ways.


Educational Video for LIFESAVER Systems

Teaching children about the lack of safe drinking water worldwide

This project is an educational video made for LIFESAVER systems. It will be used within schools to help effectively communicate the issue of the shortage of safe drinking water across the world and explain the solution of LIFESAVER technology. It has been designed to be fast-paced to keep a young audience engaged whilst using a variety of animation techniques to tell the story. For parts of the edit the visual style is fun and simplistic with crisp vector imagery, whilst other sections are hand drawn using rotoscoping techniques, with the simplistic style complimenting the poignant message.