Polina Liarostathi

Polina Liarostathi

Integrated Product Design MSc

My name is Polina Liarostathi, born in Athens in 1985. I studied "Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design" at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens and also participated in Interior as well as Industrial Design courses in Politecnico Di Milano in Milan, Italy. I started my career by doing Scenography and Set Design work for the Greek National Opera and various Municipal and Regional theatres in Greece, thus being involved in theatrical and experimental dance performances. After that I was a CAD software tutor at a private school in the centre of Athens, an experience that strengthened my communication skills and also provided me the opportunity to advance my technical skills. At the same time I was working as an Interior Designer freelancer but decided to end tutoring in order to focus on what I love most. I have participated in numerous Interior and Aesthetic Design projects often collaborating with architects, interior designers, graphic designers and marketing executives for both professional and residential spaces. Currently I am designing professional and residential spaces as well as managing these projects and my passion is to be involved in projects from the early stage of brainstorming to the final presentation.



Assisting pregnant women in retail environment

The main aim of the creation process during this project to design a product which will optimise the experience in retail environments pregnant women. With the use of technology and new materials, this product will be inclusive and innovative. Most importantly, it will help to achieve better communication both with retailers and other customers, adding even more value. The focus point of the project involves the post shopping process and how the purchased items are being transported from the retail environment to the desired destination. The final output of the design process will greatly decrease the strain of carrying shopping for pregnant women.