Parisa Soltanzadeh

Parisa Soltanzadeh

Integrated Product Design MSc

I am an Iranian MSc Integrated product designe student in Brunel University. born in January 1987. bachelor degree in Industrial Design. high knowledge in Rhionoceros CAD modelling software. high skilled in hand sketching and physical modelling...


Reducing Energy Consumption in a Domestic Habitat

Reducing lighting energy consumption through semantics

Hour Glass is a system of switches which replaces mechanical light switches in the home, with no need for any additional changes in the existing wiring. The panel is designed to be placed in a central place in the house, for example the main corridor. The switch has a sensor which is regulated according to season, in order to control the lights efficiently. When you turn the light on, if the system considers the daylight to be sufficient then the hourglass starts and after one hour the light is turned off automatically. In other scenarios the system lets the user know of any wastage. The touch screen central control panel contains a pattern of the house showing graphically in which room the energy is being wasted. It also shows the amount of money which is being spent.