Laura Ginn

Laura Ginn

Product Design Engineering BSc

I am an adaptable and efficient product designer, ready for new experiences. I have previous industrial experience working for a corporate global games company. I have taken from this and used it during my major project, where I relied on CAD and design for manufacture skills in order to create a commercially viable product.


Infant Oral Motor Development Toy

A germ-free product for babies to enjoy and experience

A baby’s mouth is often referred to as their window to the world. This is true in terms of oral sensory development and also of a baby’s vulnerability to germs and bacteria. The current oral baby product market is highly saturated with many variations of essentially the same form; however, there are none that promote antimicrobial properties and their benefits. This project involved developing a deep understanding of the injection moulding process, along with the antibacterial surface testing of an enhanced material, in order to explore potential applications of this material for the development of an improved oral baby product.