Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

Industrial Design & Technology BA

I am a designer with experience in industrial, digital and graphic design. I love to illustrate, develop brands and create infographics. I strongly believe in learning from others and I love to collaborate.



Value lies in the creativity

As new materials have been discovered, they have been investigated to develop new forms and functions. The design and manufacture of jewellery as an exploration tool is an example of the way in which materials, not necessarily precious, can be made valuable because of novel properties.

The project explores this concept with a new material combination - Diamond-like Carbon coatings, and cut diamonds. The investigation has involved a deeper understanding of emotive design and the utilisation of a design process to create an appealing product.

The objective was to create a user experience which adds value to both the product itself and the perception of its quality. This is achieved through a designed collection of jewellery and a method of experiencing it.