James Ward

James Ward

Industrial Design & Technology BA

My 12 month industrial placement in China 2010, gave me the confidence to live and work in a fast developing environment as an open minded designer, with abilities to adapt, influence and absorb ever changing pressurized situations. Outside of design, I am an enthusiastic sports player ever anticipating the challenge.


Pitched Green Roof Tiles

The development of sustainable urban roofing technology

As we place greater emphasis on the well-being of our planet, green roofing has become a force to combat the issues linked with urbanisation. The recreation of natural habitats that would otherwise be lost to construction is part of a larger swing towards a green and sustainable future. Pitched green roof tile is a product influenced by the current limitations and consumer perceptions of green roofing. Traditional roofing techniques, advanced substrate developments, and purposeful design have allowed this green roofing product to explore an unchartered segment of the market.