Hayley Rose Burrows

Hayley Rose Burrows

Product Design BSc

I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys a challenge and loves experiencing new things. I’m interested in sustainable design and specialise in biodegradable, composite polymers. My excellent organisational skills mean that I am comfortable and confident when working both in a team and as an individual.



Biodegradable photo frames produced from food waste.

The photo frame market has become somewhat saturated in recent years. Digital frames have captured some market share, so the conventional photo frame is ripe for new development. ecoFrames are manufactured from UK food waste suspended in the biodegradable, starch based polymer, PLA. For the initial product range, used coffee grounds and eggshells were used.

Designed in collaboration with PBFA for Marks & Spencer, the product aims to raise awareness of sustainability within the home. When the user no longer requires the ecoFrame, it can be buried by them where it will fully biodegrade in approximately five years. The protective glass front, card packaging and back are designed for ease of use, sustainability and are fully recyclable.