A spiral shaped ‘memory’ cable for plug-in vehicle charging

Inspired by a coiled snake and a child's paper spiral, our cable lies in wait in the front passenger’s footwell, flat and almost unnoticed except for a folding stitched leather handle and discrete branding embossed on the rubber cover. When needed, the whole unit is easily lifted out of the car and stays put on any surface thanks to non-slip pads.

Just like a book, the system opens to reveal an elegant asymmetrical dual spiral cable. Its form instantly suggests its use, and the cable can be stretched as required or left part coiled. Because our revolutionary system uses a rectangular cable cross-section and cast sheath rather than extruded, it has embedded memory and always retracts to its spiral form - aided by magnets and maze-like grooves.

The user's hands remain clean – unlike ours after the day we prototyped it with foam rubber: the turning point in meeting this challenging brief.