Emily Menzies

Emily Menzies

Product Design BSc

I am a creative, highly ambitious, and technically minded designer. I thrive on a challenge and love integrating existing technologies into unique applications. An active lifestyle keeps me motivated and the designer within me is continuously inspired by the day-to-day problems I encounter. I am an experienced scuba diver and skier, and have also enjoyed numerous solo-flights during my time in the University of London Air Squadron. As a result of my degree and successful major project, I have already secured a job at Dyson as a Graduate Design Engineer.



A training aid for super-fast swimming

In England there are 5.6 million swimmers. Competitive swimmers are constantly looking for ways to improve speed and technique through the use of cutting-edge technologies. Aquaboost is a Personal Water Propulsion Device making assisted and resisted training styles easy to implement. Studies have found that resistive- sprint training is effective at building muscle strength whilst assistive training leads to an increased stroke rate and helps to improve hydrodynamic position. However, the range of products available to provide this sort of training is limited and most have significant drawbacks. Worn around the waist, Aquaboost creates additional thrust helping familiarise swimmers bodies with ‘Race Pace’ and increasing strength.