Edwin Foote

Edwin Foote

Product Design Engineering BSc

Since graduating from Brunel I have begun work as a freelance designer, currently working in retail and fashion doing both 2D and 3D design and visualisation.


Fish Eye - The Making Community for Film Makers

A study in open innovation and collaborative design

User innovators have an abundance of new technology to help them ‘make’ things. But why have not we seen an explosion of fully developed products developed by them? It is not just the physical tools that are required when developing new products. Critical design thinking and an objective design process must not be undervalued. By working with groups of user innovators in two collaborative case studies, a community website, Fish Eye, was formed. Based around a camera tracking dolly it provides a platform to collaborate together and design new products that meet the specific needs of those who develop them. As a result of the community based design model, users will learn new physical skills and improved critical design thinking.