David Paliwoda

David Paliwoda

Broadcast Media Design and Technology BSc

Since taking on the role of Digital Media team head for Made in Brunel 2012, I have worked hard to improve my capabilities in the realm of project management and team leadership. Leveraging technical minded problem-solving with creative problem solving and an eye for detail is my raison d'etre



Recreating claymation animation using CGI

The traditional act of claymation animation, as used in such classic British animation as Wallace and Gromit and Tony Hart’s Morph has been a process that has remained fairly unchanged since its inception. This project, involved designing a framework in order to attempt to emulate the look of this animation technique using industry standard 3D and 2D graphics packages.

Culminating in the production of a plug-in set for Nuke -a visual effects package developed by The Foundry- and a demonstration animation utilising full motion capture, the project raises important questions about the ongoing development and visual style of Computer Generated Animation as well as the place stop-motion clay animation takes in this changing climate.