David Elmer

David Elmer

Product Design Engineering BSc

I am a Freelance Industrial Designer based in London with a passion for mechanisms and human interactions. I use my background in technical design to create products and systems that inspire curiosity and wonder in the people that use them, using persuasive design to positively tweak behaviour and improve the user experience.


Aperta Industria

Energy harvesting powered door for disabled access

Aperta Industria is a conceptual project to design a human powered automatic door for disabled access. By using a fully mechanical system, the device uses zero electrical power - the power for automated opening coming from the energy harvested from manual openings - creating a from of displaced chivalry while removing the electrical demand of conventional powered doors.

An exercise in persuasive design, the system uses a theatrical clockwork-inspired mechanism enclosed within the glazing of the door, encouraging manual opening by making the system interesting and exciting to use, thereby decreasing the chance that the automated functionality is abused.