Daniel Cherry

Daniel Cherry

Product Design BSc

Product design graduate, with industry specific experience. Quick learner with a versatile skill base, always looking for a challenge. A holistic approach to design, with a borderline obsession for detail.



Supportive apple picking

Through an investigation of current apple harvesting practices, it is clear that existing equipment is largely inefficient, leading to strain for pickers, as well as damage to the fruit. Existing solutions provide little support to counteract these problems, resulting in a high probability of injury and discomfort. Supportive apple picking is a project that re-evaluates the apple picking process, with a strong focus on usability.

Core is a twin-bucket system that applies a balanced load onto the vertical spinal axis, greatly improving posture and comfort. This new arrangement also improves the carrying capacity and reduces the risk of apple bruising. Core has been proven to provide an improvement in the overall efficiency of the picking process, as confirmed through user testing.