Carla Sabrina Conte

Carla Sabrina Conte

Integrated Product Design MSc

I am an indutrial designer who comes from Argentina. During my bachelor degreee i learnt the design process and with it the ability to work in an efficient way. I very much enjoy group work and new challenges. The reason I am in this field is because I like to design everything, and look forwards to challenges that can make me even a better proffesional.


Heating Energy Feedback

Changing user behaviour through energy feedback

Heating Energy Feedback consists of a group of concepts that provide visual feedback on heating energy consumption, so as to let the user know how much energy they are using. The aim is to produce behaviour change. Four concepts were developed, from different perspectives and for different users. They all give the temperature outside and inside, along with the amount of money spent on heating energy each day. Moreover, each object has an “attention grabbing” system, in order to communicate to the user when they have spent an unusual amount of energy in a day. Finally, they have a data capture system which the user can access to compare the energy spent each month.