Ben Buist

Ben Buist

Design and Branding Strategy MA

The knowledge and experience of a designer or creative thinker is a commodity which many different aspects of life and work can benefit. I will take what I have learnt in my studying of the creative process and its application to places which need it most, With hard work, determination and always an open mind.


Building Enterprise with Brand Equity

A current definition of CSR within the UK fashion industry

People are becoming increasingly interested in what they are endorsing as a consumer. What is their money doing? Where does it go? Is buying power being used for good?

Corporate Social Responsibility is the term which is given to the way a business conducts itself in relation to the expectations and social norms of society. To be responsible in the way it conducts itself and to be sustainable within the world of business and the outside environments as well. The case for CSR in business is often fought by trying to prove that it increases profit so it is always in the best interest of business to be responsible and ethical and sustainable.

This approach has proved to be sound, but it could be suggested that we as a society and our collective consciousness are becoming much greater as the years go on so that we now think that we have a social duty to life on this planet. This duty cannot be ignored by anyone and if we are to keep up our high standards then sacrifices must be made.

Is it not shameful that we put prices on the health and lives of others in other countries? Trying to change top down is not going to work, we can applaud people trying to change but in reality it is young companies which start with the right principles, ideas, ethics and sustainable practices which will be the great companies of the future.

We consume in an ignorant haze

The aim of this research is to establish an industry wide understanding and definition of what Corporate Social Responsibility currently means. Once established, a comparison of this to early definitions will highlight the progression and analyse what has made the definition evolve. The definition will be part of a larger research into how to build a company’s Brand Equity on Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical principles. The research will particularly focus on these developments and initiatives in the UK’s fashion industry.