Adam Wadey

Adam Wadey

Product Design Engineering BSc

I am a versatile Industrial Designer based in London. I have strong abilities in sketch ideation and early concept development. I am highly practically skilled and love building and experimenting with prototypes. My major project used innovative design to overcome mental barriers and encourage a positive change in user behaviour.


Appliance that encourages children’s involvement in food preparation

There is a growing lack of culinary skills and healthy eating awareness among young people in the UK. Research has identified that this is a result of not involving children in the preparation of family meals from an early age, due to safety concerns and lack of time. Lil’Cook is a portable induction cooker designed to address these challenges. The cooker is equipped with a selection of specially designed cooking vessels that allow children as young as six to learn to prepare a variety of nutritious savoury meals (with supervision). The vessels use induction heating technology and insulating silicone rubber to optimise safety and minimise burn hazards, ensuring that the external temperature of the appliance does not exceed 48°C during use.