Heavy Lift

Heavy Lift

Entry for the 2010 BMFA Heavy Lift Challenge

The project as a whole has exemplified the complete aircraft design process, using innovative thinking to fulfill the desired product requirements. It has provided an opportunity to build constructive experience of team working skills, a valuable asset to launching careers in the aerospace industry.

This project involved the design, manufacture, and testing of a model aircraft, suited for competition in the 2010 Heavy Lift Challenge. This takes place every June, run by the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).

In accordance with competition rules, the aircraft was designed entirely by a student group, working within constraints including a known engine and a limited wingspan. The principle aim of this design is to maximize the ratio of payload weight to aircraft weight (the weight of the aircraft when empty).

Design and analysis performed in different branches of aerospace engineering during this project included aerodynamics, structures, control, stability, and propulsion. The final aircraft design proposal is original in its configuration as a sesquiplane, which builds upon previous experience and research, hopefully giving an edge over previous teams and institutions.