Brunel X-Team

Brunel X-Team

An electric motorcycle for the Isle of Man TTZero competition.


In September 2008, four final year students from the Mechanical Engineering subject area set out to design and build a high performance electric motorcycle. Guided by a core team of academic staff, the result was the Brunel X-team and the BX-09, a supersport prototype bike based on a Triumph Daytona 675 donor chassis with a single DC motor and a bespoke 72V Lithium-Ion battery pack.

In June 2009, with no prior track testing or dynamometer characterisation, the BX-09 was taken straight from the lab to the open roads on the Isle of Man, just in time to enter the world’s first low carbon motorcycle grand prix competition, the Time Trials Extreme Grand Prix or TTXGP. The gruelling Isle of Man TT course is 37.73 miles long and is famous for its country roads and steep inclines and, especially, the mountain section, which rises above the tree line and climbs to a height of approximately 1400ft.

Following an eventful week of practice and scrutineering, pro-rider Steve Harper put down an outstanding result on race day with the BX-09 for the Brunel X-team. Out of 22 entries, there were 13 starters and Harper finished 6th out of the Pro class and 9th overall. In fact, the Brunel X-team was the only UK university to finish the lap. Moreover, as the only university entrant in the Pro class, the BX-09 stood its ground against multi-million dollar company bikes from the US and some very experienced inventors from UK, Europe and India.2010 Challenge.

Following on from the success on the Isle of Man and delivering on expectations to improve for 2010 was no mean feat. Yet, exactly that was the challenge taken on by seven Level 3 project students from the Mechanical Engineering subject area this year, as they gave rise to the all-new 2010 Brunel X-team.

With the DNA of the BX-09 as a sound foundation, they set out to create a vastly improved prototype bike, the BX-10. As its predecessor, the BX-10 has been purpose built for racing on the Isle of Man TT course. This year, the second running of the Isle of Man electric motorcycle race is reformatted as the TTzero event and has been given an official slot on the TT race week calendar. BX-10 will have its race outing on 9 June with pro-rider Paul Owen and will benefit from a dual DC motor configuration and a bespoke 84V Lithium-Polymer battery pack.

BX-10 Specifications

Drive Train

-Motor: dual brushed DC -Peak power: 28kW/motor -Transmission: single gear direct drive

Power Source

-Kokam Lithium-Polymer Prototype Cells -84V bespoke battery pack and monitoring systems

Performance Estimates

-Top speed 120mph -Avg speed 85mph -Mass 200kg

Team Details

IoM Race Team:

Edmund Bright - Crew Chief

Adam White and Timothy Clarke - Battery Systems

Gregory Da Santos - Motors and Control

Campus Support Team:

Mohamed Abukar - MotorAnalysis

Rajveer Lotay - Thermal Analysis

Stephen Kago - CAD and Data Analysis


Paul Owen - Pro-rider Team 98 Racing

Project Supervision:

Dr Koen Matthys - Team Manager

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