Brunel Racing

Brunel Racing

Brunel University Formula Student Race Team


The drivetrain has been designed with an ultra lightweight clutch type limited slip differential and bespoke designed driveshafts and joints. The design includes equal length driveshafts and outboard CV joints that are housed within the rear hubs which reduce the operating angle of the driveshafts and increase component lifespan. Multiple final drive sprockets have been manufactured to provide a choice of three different final drive ratios depending on the specific event type or track conditions.

Driver Aides

Some of BR-XI’s greatest strengths are the advanced driver aide technologies that are featured in its design. Electronic semi-automatic gear-shifting and a servo clutch system with anti-stall are actuated via steering wheel mounted paddles allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel at all times and removing the need for a foot clutch. These new features, in addition to adjustable launch and traction control make BR-XI easy to drive on the limit.